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Political and historical encyclopedia of women. Ed.: Christine Fauré. New York-London, Routledge, 2003.

2005-11-08 13:13:52

From the Salic Law in medieval France to the American Revolution to today's women's representation in American and European politics, this valuable resource discusses women's participation in Western political and historical transformation. The 39 authoritative in-depth articles, written by an international team of scholars, examine women's activism in areas such as voting, emancipation, equality and democracy, providing students and general readers with an indispensable resource.

On the Threshold of Modernity: Are Women Capable of Governing?
1. The Salic Law Sarah Hanley
2. Female Sovereignty and the Subordination of Women in the Works of Martin Luther, Jean Calvin, and Jean Bodin Claudia Opitz
3. Women's Political and Military Action during the Fronde Hubert Carrier
4. From Natural Subjection to Conventional Indifference: Women in the Political Thought of Sir Robert Filmer, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke Gordon Schochet
The Age of Revolutions
5. Women's Role in the English Revolutions Ann Hughes
6. The American Revolution through Women's Eyes Linda K. Kerber
7. Women's Political Action during the French Revolution Jacques Guilhaumou and Martine Lapied
8. Sex or Rank? Women's Status in the Philosophy of the Enlightenment Catherine Larrère
9. From the Rights of Man to Women's Rights: A Difficult Intellectual Conversion Christine Fauré
10. Women Militants in the Brabant and Liégeois Revolutions Janet Polasky
11. Women and the Dutch Revolutions of the Late 18th Century Rudolf Dekker and Judith Vega
12. The Trade in Black Women Slaves in the 18th Century Harris Memel-Fotê
13. Women's Participation in the Greek Revolution, 1800-1827 Eleni Varikas
14. 1826: Women in Philhellenism Maïté Boussy
15. Utopia and Counter-utopia: Women in the Works of Charles Fourier Simone Debout Oleszkiewicz
16. 1848 in Paris Maïté Boussy and Christine Fauré
17. Women in the German States, 1848-1849 Bonnie Anderson
18. The Emancipation of Women in the Works of Marx and Engels Maximilien Rubel
19. 1871: The Paris Commune Jacques Rougerie
20. Women in Revolutionary Russia, 1861-1926 Barbara Alpern-Engel
21. Women Activists in the German Revolution: Klara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg, and the Workers' Councils Claudie Weill
22. The Women's Section of the Comintern, from Lenin to Stalin Jean-Jacques Marie
Struggles for Democracy
23. Women's Rights and Suffrage in the United States, 1848-1920 Françoise Basch
24. Women's Suffrage and Democracy in Canada Yolande Cohen
25. From Women's Rights to Feminism in Europe, 1860-1914 Florence Rochefort
26. Political Rights of European Women: An Assessment of the Two World Wars Odile Rudelle
27. Women's Role in the Spanish Civil War Mary Nash
28. The Feminine Condition under Nazism: Tradition, Modernity, and Racial Hierarchization Rita Thalmann
29. Collaboration and Resistance by Women in Fascist Italy Cecilia Dau-Novelli
30. Women in Vichy France François Rouquet
31. Women and Salazarism Anne Cova and António Costa Pinto
32. Liberty and Equality for Women in the Socialist Countries of Eastern Europe, 1960-1980 Svetlana Aivazova 33. Feminism in the 1970s Dominique Fougeyrollas-Schwebel
34. Universal Suffrage and Direct Democracy: The Swiss Case, 1848-1990 Brigitte Studer
35. Women and Islam in the West Danièle Djamila Amrane-Minne
36. Turkish Immigrant Women in Europe Riva Kastoryano
37. The Political Success of Scandinavian Women Elizabeth Elgan
38. Women's Representation in Parliaments and Political Parties in Europe and North America Christine Pintat 39. Building Equality in the Policies of International Organizations Giovanna Procacci and Mariagrazia Rossilli

Author: Christine Fauré is the Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Centre for Scientific Research), a member of the Centre de Recherches Politiques de la Sorbonne (Political Research Centre), Université Paris I, and a member of the Observatoire de la parité entre les femmes et les hommes (Observatory of Parity Between Men and Women) whichis under the aegis of the Ministére des Affaires Sociales. She has published numerous works about the French Revolution and the Declaration of Human Rights.


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