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Chronological order 1989-2006

2017-04-07 11:45:09


Ambulance not on the way : the disgrace of health care for Roma in Europe. Budapest : EERC, 2006.

The annual report on the situation regarding racism and xenophobia in the Member States of the EU Vienna : EUMC, 2006.

Chances of Hungarian–Slovak Cross-Border Relations  / Istvan Mezei. Pécs : Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2006.

Changing roles : report on the situation of women and men in Hungary 2005 / ed. by Ildiko Nagy [et al.]. Budapest : TaRKI, 2006.

Civil society and demography in rural Central Europe : the Czech, Hungarian and Polish cases / ed. by Imre Kovach, Vera Majerova. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2006.

Development perspectives of the Carpathian Basin macroregion : the case of Slovakia and Hungary / by Andras Kovacs. Komárno : J. Selye Univ. Research Inst., 2006.

Discourse and politics : two essays in political discourse studies / Marton Szabo, Zoltan Gabor Szucs. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2006.

Employment in social care in Europe / Eszter Nemenyi [et al.]. Dublin : Eurofound, 2006.

Expected long-term budgetary benefits to Roma education in Hungary / Gabor Kertesi, Gabor Kezdi. Budapest, 2006.

Evolution on the market of foreign language teaching services in Hungary / Mihaly Laki. Budapest : IEHAS, 2006.

Flexibility and stability in the labour market : the wage dimension / Mirco Tonin. Budapest : ILO, 2006.

The Hungarian labour market 2006 / eds. Karoly Fazekas, Jeno Koltay. Budapest : MTA Kozgazdasagtudomanyi Kutatokozpont, 2006.

Hungary 2005. Budapest : Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2006.

Hungary in figures : 2005 / chief ed. Eszter Nemeth. Budapest. : Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2006.

Hungary – the new border of the European Union / Gyorgyi Barta. Pécs : Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2006.

Information society reports : 2005 Budapest : ITTK, 2006.

Innovation and sustainability in Central Europe : the Czech, Hungarian and Polish cases / ed. by Imre Kovach, Krzysztof Gorlach. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2006.

Integrated client service for victims of violence against women : the results of a pilot programme : policy recommendations for successful prevention and treatment of domestic violence / Julia Spronz, Judit Wirth. Budapest : NANE Women’s Rights Association : Haebes Corpus Working Group, 2006.

Integration of asylum seekers in the European Union : analysis of policies and action Budapest : Consulta, 2006.

Komárno: towards a leading role in higher education / Ingrid Szabo. Komárno : J. Selye Univ. Research Inst., 2006.

Land use, nature conservation and biodiversity in Central Europe : the Czech, Hungarian and Polish cases / ed. by Krzysztof Gorlach, Imre Kovach. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2006.

Local food production, non-agricultural economies and knowledge dinamics in rural sustainable development : the Czech, Hungarian and Polish cases / ed. by Imre Kovach, Krzysztof Gorlach. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2006.

Mobility, uncertainty and subjective well-being in Hungary / Gyorgy Molnar, Zsuzsa Kapitany. Budapest : IEHAS, 2006.

Monitoring education for Roma : 2006 : a statistical baseline for Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe. Budapest : OSI, 2006.

On politics : rhetoric, discourse and concepts / ed. by Marton Szabo. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2006.

Partnerships and friendshipsAgnes Utasi, Adám Pathy, Peter Hari. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2006.

Racism in Hungary : ENAR Shadow Report : 2005 / Esther Holbrook, William Ejalu. 2006.

Hungary – the new border of the European Union / Gyorgyi Barta. Pécs : Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2006.

Roma education initiative : final report. Budapest : OSI, 2006.

Rural goods and services and their role in improving rural-urban relationship / ed. by Eszter Kelemen. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2006.

Skill diffusion by temporary migration? Returns to Western European working experience in the EU accession countries / Anna Iara. Budapest : IEHAS, 2006.

Social inclusion and income distribution in the European Union. [s. l.] European Commission, 2006.

Uncertainty and the demand for redistribution / Gyorgy Molnar, Zsuzsa Kapitany. Budapest : IEHAS, 2006.

Working conditions in Hungary / Katalin Balogh. Dublin : Eurofound, 2006.


Citizens' donations and voluntary activities : flash report on the findings of the 2004 survey / Eva Kuti, Klara Czike. Bp. : National Volunteer Centre : Non-Profit Research Group Association, 2005.

The corporate strategy of philantrophy : corporate donations in Hungary : studies / ed. by Eva Kuti. Bp. : Research Project on Nonprofit Organizations, 2005.

Employing the Roma. Insights from business . Bratislava : UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe, 2005.

Equal opportunities for women and men : monitoring law and practice in Hungary / Andrea Krizsan, Eniko Pap. Budapest : OSI, 2005.

The EU we want : views from those fighting poverty and social exclusion of the future development of the EU / eds. Farrel, Fintan [et al.]. S.l. EAPN, 2005.

Fighting poverty and reforming social security : what can Post-Soviet states learn from the new democracies of Central Europe? / ed. by Michael Cain [et al.]. Washington : Woodrow Wilson Int. Centre for Scholars, 2005.

Gender equality in Central and Eastern Europe : a comparison of labour market attitudes, educational achievement and poverty between East and West : PhD thesis / Sylke Viola Schnepf. Hamburg : University of Hamburg, 2005.

The Hungarian labour market 2005 / eds. Karoly Fazekas, Julia Varga. Budapest : MTA Közgazdasagtudomanyi Kutatóközpont, 2005.

Hungarian Spaces and Places: Patterns of Transition / ed. by Gyorgyi Barta [et al.] Pécs : Centre for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2005.

Integrated rural development : the concept and its operation / Gusztav Nemes. Budapest : IEHAS, 2005.

Majorities' attitudes toward minorities in Western and Eastern European societies : results from the European Social Survey 2002-2003 / Marcel Coenders [et al.]. Nijmegen : EUMC, 2005.

Network on social inclusion and income distribution : final report. [s.l.] SSO, 2005.

New elements of Hungarian political campaign strategies / Zsuzsanna Mihalyffy. Budapest : MTA PTI, 2005.

Paradigm shift -information, knowledge and innovation in the new economy : conference proceedings / ed. Hamori Balazs [et al.]. Debrecen : University of Debrecen, 2005.

Poverty and deprivation: assessing demographic and social structural factors / Zsolt Speder, Balazs Kapitany. Budapest : Demographic Research Institute Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2005.

Rights of people with intellectual disabilities : access to education and employment : Hungary. Budapest : OSI, 2005.

Roma in Europe : from social exclusion to active participation / ed. Peter Thelen. Skopje : FES, 2005.

Roma of Hungary / ed. Istvan Kemeny. New York : Columbia Univ. Press, 2005.

Social security governance: a practical guide for board members. Budapest : ILO, 2005.

Television across Europe : regulation, policy and independence : Hungary Budapest : OSI, 2005.

Transport Development Perspectives for the Slovakian-Hungarian borderline / Tiner Tibor. Komárno : J.Selye University Research Institute, 2005.

Typology of shopping centres in Budapest / by Tamas Sikos T. and Magdalene Hoffmann. Komárno : Research Inst., J. Selye Univ., 2005.

Working and living in an enlarged Europe / Katalin Kovacs [et al.]. Dublin : Eurofound, 2005.

Working conditions and gender in an enlarged Europe / Anna Pollert, Eva Fodor. Dublin : Eurofound, 2005.


The boundaries of European Union citizenship. The problem of third country nationals / Petra Szavics. Budapest : CEU, 2004.

Central and East European governments and cooperation with the Hungarian communities: efforts, accomplishments, failures. New Jersey : Project on Ethnic Relations, 2004.

The collection of pension contributions : trends, issues, and problems in Central and Eastern Europe / eds. Elaine Fultz, Tine Stanovnik. Budapest : ILO, 2004.

A comparative model of party-states: the structural reasons behind similarities and differences in self reproduction, reforms and transformation / Maria Csanadi. Budapest : IEHAS, 2004.

Do party-states transform by learning? The structural background of the different transformation paths in view of the Romanian, Hungarian and Chinese cases / Maria Csanadi. Budapest : IEHAS, 2004.

Family models in Europe in the context of women's status / Magdalena Muszynska. Budapest : Demographic Research Institute Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2004.

Fertility and family issues in an enlarged Europe / Tony Fahey, Zsolt Speder. Dublin : Eurofound, 2004.

Foreigners in Hungary: migration from the European Union / Sandor Illes. Budapest : Demographic Research Institute Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2004.

Globalisation, ethnicity and migration. The comparison of Finland, Hungary and Russia / Attila Melegh [et al.] Budapest : Demographic Research Institute Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2004.

Health care system in transition : Hungary / Peter Gaal, Annette Riesberg. Copenhagen : EOHSP, 2004.

The heart of the matter : the contribution of the ethic of care to social policy in some new EU member states / ed. by Selma Sevenhuijsen, Alenka Svab. Ljubljana : Peace Institute, 2004.

The Hungarian labour market 2004 / eds. Karoly Fazekas, Jeno Koltay. Budapest : MTA Közgazdasagtudomanyi Kutatóközpont, 2004.

Intergrating immigrant children into schools in Europe Brussels : Eurydice, 2004.

Jews and jewry in contemporary Hungary : results of a sociological survey / ed. by Andras Kovacs. London : JPR, 2004.

"Mapping the digital future" : Hungarian society and the Internet / Tibor Dessewffy [et al.] Budapest : ITHAKA, 2004.

Reducing poverty and social exclusion : Hungary, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic / Andras Blaho. Bratislava : UNDP, 2004.

Separate and unequal : combating discrimination against Roma in education / eds. M. Sleeper [et al.]. New York : Columbia Univ. Press, 2004.

Services for supporting family carers of elderly people in Europe : characteristics, coverage and usage : national background report for Hungary / Zsuzsa Szeman. [S.l.] EUROFAMCARE, 2004. See Available as free download: Hungary

Social dialog and conflict resolution in Hungary / Beata Nacsa, Andras Tóth. Dublin : Eurofound, 2004.

Social report 2004 / ed. Tamas Kolosi [et al.]. Budapest : TaRKI, 2004.

Stigmata : segregated schooling of Roma in Central and Eastern Europe. [Budapest] : [EERC], [2004.]

Too poor to move, too poor to stay : a report on housing in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia / ed. by James Fearn. - Budapest : LGI, 2004.

Trends in international migration : annual report : 2004 Paris : OECD, 2004.

Yet another change of system : what can be learnt from history and what cannot / Laszló Murakozi. Debrecen : DE Közgazdasagtudomanyi Kar, 2004.

Women and trafficking / ed. by Simona Zavratnik Zivic. Ljubljana : Peace Institute, 2004.

Women's career mobility in Hungary / Erzsebet Bukodi, Peter Robert. Bielefeld : Faculty of Sociology University of Bielefeld, 2004.


Cross-border co-operation in the Balkan-Danube area : an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Gorizia : C.O.E., 2003.

Education in cultural policy and management in Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland : research paper / Malgorzata Sternal. Budapest : OSI, 2003.

Educational inequalities and denominations - database for Transdanubia, 1910 / Victor Karady, Peter Tibor Nagy. Budapest : OI, 2003.

ESPAD 03 Hungary : Country report I-II. / Zsuzsanna Elekes, Borbala Paksi. Budapest, 2003. See menu ESPAD-kutatasok

The Hungarian labour market 2003 / eds. Karoly Fazekas, Jeno Koltay. Budapest : MTA Közgazdasagtudomanyi Kutatóközpont, 2003.

Knowledge transfer, small and medium sized enterprises, and regional development in Hungary / ed. Imre Lengyel. Szeged : JATEPress, 2003.

Labour market programmes for the Roma in Hungary / Anna Csongor [et al.] Bp. : ILO, 2003.

Position, state of development and role of sexual minority media : Hungary, the Netherlands and Slovenia / Judit Takacs. Ljubljana : Peace Institute, 2003.

Recent trends in pension reform and implementation in the EU accession countries / Elaine Fultz. Bp. : ILO, 2003.

Sectoral social dialogue in future EU member states: the weakest link / ed. by Youcef Ghellab, Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead. Budapest : ILO, 2003.

Social dialog at national level in the EU accession countries / Ludek Rychly, Rainer Pritzer. Geneva : ILO, 2003.

Social networks in movement : time, interaction and interethnic spaces in Central Eastern Europe / ed. by Davide Torsello, Melinda Pappova. Šamorín : Forum Minority Research Inst. ; Dunajska Streda : Lilium Aurum, 2003.

Study on the social protection systems in the 13 applicant countries : Hungary country study / Robert I. Gal [et al.] [S.l.] GVG, 2003.

Substance use, sexual activity, and AIDS education among Hungarian secondary school students : doctoral dissertation / Gyarmathy V., Anna. Budapest : Semmelweis University, 2003.

Towards Alleviating Human Poverty 2000-2002 : Human Development Report : Hungary, 2000–2002 / ed. by Klara Foti. Budapest : Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2003.


Birth out of wedlock / Marietta Pongracz. Budapest : Demographic Research Institute Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2002.

Combating poverty and social exclusion : volume 1 : a case study of Hungary / Zsuzsa Ferge [et al.] Budapest : ILO, 2002.

Corruption and anti-corruption policy in Hungary Budapest : OSI, 2002.

Does innovation policy matter in a transition country? : the case of Hungary / Attila Havas. Budapest : IEHAS, 2002.

Doing by showing : poverty portrayals performing social exclusion in Hungarian factual entertainment television programs : a media regulation policy proposal / Ferenc Hammer. Budapest : OSI, 2002.

East/West exclusions and discourses on population in the 20th century / Attila Melegh. Demographic Research Institute Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2002.

The effects of the globalization process on the transition to adulthood in Hungary / Peter Robert, Erzsebet Bukodi. Bielefeld : Faculty of Sociology University of Bielefeld, 2002.

Fertility and structural change in Hungary / Zsolt Speder. Budapest : Demographic Research Institute Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2002.

The forms of flexibility (FF) in contemporary Hungary : country report / Endre Sik, Ildiko Nagy. Budapest : TARKI, 2002.

The geographic mobility of labour and the rigidity of European labour markets / Gabor Kezdi. Budapest : IEHAS, 2002.

The Gypsies/the Roma in Hungarian society / [ed. by Erno Kallai] ; [ed. ass. Nandor Bardi] ; [transl. by Gabor Varkonyi] Budapest : Teleki L. Found., 2002. Hidden economy in Hungary 1992-1999 / Janos I. Toth, Endre Sik. Budapest : Wargo Institute of Economic Research, 2002.

Households, work and flexibility : country context report Hungary / Endre Sik. Budapest : TARKI, 2002.

The Hungarian labour market 2002 / eds. Karoly Fazekas, Jeno Koltay. Budapest : MTA Közgazdasagtudomanyi Kutatóközpont, 2002.

Inequality and mobility analysis by the Hungarian Rotation Panel 1993-98 / Zsuzsa Kapitany, Gyorgy Molnar. Budapest : IEHAS, 2002.

Men's career mobility in Hungary during the 1990s / Erzsebet Bukodi, Peter Robert. Bielefeld : Faculty of Sociology University of Bielefeld, 2002.

Minority protection in Hungary : an assessment of the medium-term package of measures to improve the living conditions and social position of the Roma in Hungary Budapest. : OSI, 2002.

Pension reform in Central and Eastern Europe : Volume 1 : Restructuring with Privatization: case studies of Hungary and Poland / ed. by Elaine Fultz. Budapest : ILO, 2002.

The role of international migration in maintaining Hungary's population size between 2000-2050 / by Laszlo Hablicsek, Pal Peter Toth. Budapest : KSH NKI, 2002.

Talking feminist institutions. Interviews with leading European scholars / Eniko Magyari-Vincze. Kolozsvar : Desire, 2002.

Vertical co-ordination in transition agriculture: a Hungarian co-operative case study / Imre Ferto, Gabor G. Szabo. Budapest : IEHAS, 2002.

Voter inequality, turnout and information effects in a cross-national perspective / Toka, Gabor. Notre Dame : Helen Kellogg Institute, 2002.


Analysis of government portals / Tamas Borovitz, Aranka Kiss. Budapest : ISTRI, 2001.

Citizens' participation in local self-government : experiences of South-East European countries. Zagreb : Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 2001.

Empire's new clothes : unveiling EU enlargement / ed. by. Jozsef Borocz, Melinda Kovacs. Holly Cottage : Central Europe Review, 2001.

Minority protection in Hungary Budapest. : OSI, 2001.

Nation-building and contested identities: Romanian and Hungarian case studies / ed. by Balazs Trencsenyi [et al.] Budapest : Regio Books ; Iaşsi : Polirom, 2001.

Pension reform in Central and Eastern Europe: an update on the restructuring of national pensions schemes in selected countries / Elaine Fultz, Markus Ruck. Budapest : Nemzetközi Munkaügyi Hivatal Közép- és Kelet-Európai Csoport, 2001.

Reforms and instruments sustaining and undermining the system : the interactive party-state model as a framework for comparing China and Hungary / Maria Csanadi. Budapest : IEHAS, 2001.

Roles, rules and ratio : conference (November 3-4, 2000, Budapest) / ed. Zsuzsa Lestal. Budapest : MONA, 2001.

School success for Roma children : step by step special school initiative / Susan Rona, Linda E. Lee. New York : OSI, 2001.

Social capital and earnings inequalities : the role of informal job search in Hungary / Tamas Bartus. Budapest : Author, 2001. Ph.D. dissertation

Towards excessive job insecurity in transition economies / by Sandrine Cazes, Alena Nesporova ILO, Geneva, 2001.

Women - politics - equal opportunities : prospects for gender equality politics in Central and Eastern Europe / Vlasta Jalusic, Milica G. Antic. Ljubljana : Mirovni Institute, 2001.

Competitiveness and comparative advantage in Hungarian agriculture / Imre Ferto, Lionel J. Hubbard. Budapest : IEHAS, 2001.


Central Europe in the process of European integration : a comparative study of strategies of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia : towards deepening and widening of the European Union / Andrzej Podraza. Praha : RSS, 2000.

Estimating the size of homeless population in Budapest, Hungary / Beata David. Praha : RSS, 2000.

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance : second report on Hungary Strasbourg : Council of Europe, 2000.

Human rights and comparative foreign policy / ed. by David P. Forsythe. Tokyo : UNU, 2000.

Industrial restructuring in the Budapest agglomeration / Gyorgyi Barta. Praha : RSS, 2000.

The new European diasporas: national minorities and conflict in Eastern Europe / Michael Mandelbaum ed. New York : Council of Foreign Relations Press, 2000.

Parliamentary representation of minorities in Hungary: legal and political issues. New Jersey  : Project on Ethnic Relations, 2000.

Report on the "ILO-CEET survey of the Hungarian branch / professional associations" / Gabriella Gurszki. Budapest : ILO, 2000.

Right-wing extremism, skinheads and anti-Gypsy sentiments in Hungary / Laszlo Kurti. Praha : RSS, 2000.

The role of the family in shaping self concept and cognitive styles in Hungary / Hedvig Sallay. Praha : RSS, 2000.

The Roma in Hungary: government policies, minority expectations, and the international community. New Jersey : Project on Ethnic Relations, 2000.

Social quartet : civil actors in the social welfare field in four Hungarian towns /Zsuzsa Szeman, Laszlo Harsanyi. Bp. : Institution of Sociology of the HAS : Nonporfit Research Group 2000.

Toward community policing: the police and ethnic minorities in Hungary. New Jersey : Project on Ethnic Relations, 2000.


Central Europeans toward integration with the European Union : a study of public opinion, social attitute and national identities / Marek Kucia. Praha : RSS, 1999.

The democratic process and the market: challenges of the transition / ed. by Mihaly Simai. Tokyo : UNU, 1999.

Democratic transition and political patronage : relation between spheres of politic government and public administration : Hungary in a comparative perspective / Andras Korossenyi. Praha : RSS, 1999.

The development of open air markets in East-Central Europe / Endre Sik, Claire Wallace. Budapest, 1999.

ESPAD 1999 : Hungarian Country Report I. and II. / Zsuzsanna Elekes, Borbala Paksi. Budapest, 1999. See menu ESPAD-kutatasok

Health care system in transition : Hungary. Copenhagen : EOHSP, 1999.

The Hungarian economic elite after the political transition / Erzsebet Szalai. Praha : RSS, 1999.

Illegal labour migration and employment in Hungary / Judit Juhasz. Geneva : ILO, 1999.

Migrant trafficking and human smuggling in Hungary / Judit Juhasz. Budapest : Panta Rhei, 1999.

Ownership structure, business links, and performance of firms in a transforming economy : the case of Hungary / by Istvan Janos Toth. Budapest : IEHAS, 1999.

Political participation and the Roma in Hungary and Slovakia. New Jersey : Project on Ethnic Relations, 1999.

Poverty and labour market : Hungary : human development report 1999 / ed. by Klara Foti. Budapest : Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1999.

Social dialogue in Central and Eastern Europe / ed. by Giuseppe Casale. Budapest : ILO, 1999.

Trust and social networks in a changing Europe / Robin Goodwin. Praha : RSS, 1999.

Under pressure : Workers and trade unions in Hungary during the period of transformation 1989-1998 / Lajos Hethy. Budapest : ILO, 1999.


The changing nature of democracy / ed. by Takashi Inoguchi, Edward Newman, John Keane. Tokyo : UNU, 1998.

Is there a public philosophy in Central-Eastern Europe? Equity of distribution "then" and "now" / Zsuzsa Ferge. New York : CCEIA, 1998.

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The situation of Women in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic / Dolores Morondo. Luxembourg : European Parliament, 1998.

Women in the world of work : women workers' rights in Hungary Budapest : ILO, 1998.


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Schools, language, and interethnic relations in Romania: the debate continues. New Jersey : Project on Ethnic Relations, 1997.

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ESPAD : Country report of Hungary / Zsuzsanna Elekes, Borbala Paksi. Budapest : Budapest University of Economic Science Department of Sociology and Social Policy, 1995. See menu ESPAD-kutatasok

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Autonomy and fundamentalism in contemporary Hungary / Gabor Varnai, Tibor Zavecz. Budapest : TaRKI, 1994.


Women of Hungary / Eva Eberhardt. Brussel : European Community, 1991.


Global challenge and local response : initiatives for economic regeneration in contemporary Europe / ed. by Walter B. Stohr. London : The United Nations Univ. Press, 1990.

New technologies, work organization, qualification, structures and vocational training in Hungary / Annamaria Hethy, Lajos Hethy. Berlin : CEDEFOP, 1990.


The new detente: rethinking East-West relations / ed. by Mary Kaldor, Gerard Holden, Richard Falk. London : Verso, 1989.



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