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Budapest Collection (Budapest Gyűjtemény)

2019-02-19 02:15:43

The Reading room of the Collection can be found on the 6th floor of the Library.

The Budapest Collection is the local history collection of the Hungarian capital.
The statutory regulations concerning the conservation of priceless pieces (museum pieces) apply to this collection.
The collection comprises about 100,000 books, manuscripts, periodicals and journals, about 300,000 posters and small prints, as well as 120,000 photos.

The collection embraces the following:

• Contemporary historical sources and adaptations (both in Hungarian and foreign languages) for research in the history of Budapest and its predating settlements
• Accounts of the city, travel guides, maps and plans
• Newspapers, calendars and press cuttings, directories, registers, real estate registers, telephone books published by the capital and its districts
• Documents of institutions and organisations of the capital; constitutions, reports, school and society almanacs, bulletins; as well as materials issued by the administrative institutions of the capital
• Literary works linked with Budapest or its districts

The photographic archive presents, through photos and picture postcards, the changes in the faces and infrastructure of the city, scenes of everyday life, more significant historical events and the features of public figures. Some photos may be examined with the help of a computerised electronic archive.
The poster and brochure archive evokes the everyday life of the one-time citizens of Budapest with the help of bills, posters, handbills, picture advertisements, playbills, sheet music, programme booklets, bill slips, invitation cards, official forms, mourning cards, admission tickets and other small-sized printed matters.

The reading room of the Budapest Collection serves as the research place for old printed matters and special collections of museum pieces of the library as well.

Special collections

Rare Book and Manuscript Collection
Rare books, manuscripts, brochures and maps published before 1801 in Hungary or abroad.

Szüry Collection
First publications of Hungarian literary works printed between 1719 and 1909.

Ballagi Collection
Political pamphlets linked with Hungary and the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, published in the 18-19th centuries.

Pamphlet collection
Polemical treatises on politics – resumption and complementation of the Ballagi Collection, respectively.

The reading room of the Budapest Collection may only be visited by readers holding a valid library card. The documents are for reference only and may not be taken out of the reading room. For reasons of stock conservation, copies of the documents may only be made upon permission of the reference librarian. The use of specially protected stock is subject to further conditions.

Orientation is facilitated by traditional catalogues (author/title, subject and geographical catalogues, respectively) situated in the outer room, special catalogues to be found in the photographic archives, as well as OPAC-terminals.

Copies of old Budapest maps for free use can be found in the map cabinet in the reading room.

Some parts of the historic material are accessible on microfilm only. Microfilms may be used in the same way as books. For the sake of convenience, we provide users with microfilm readers suitable for copying, too.

Phone: 411-5026

E-mail: bp@fszek.hu

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